Why do design thinking companies make more money than other companies?

Why do design thinking companies make more money than other companies?

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Design thinking, simply put, introduces us to a new way of thinking about the questions and problems that face us. That can be in business, government, and even in our personal lives. Utilizing design thinking helps you to step outside the box the innovation, creativity, and visual thinking to help you find solutions through a different approach. It doesn’t even have to focus on problems your business may be presented with but just finding a better way to do what you’re doing.


When you incorporate design thinking into your business, you’re questioning your assumptions about the things you know. It can help you to see things that are inefficient so you can make them better. So, if you’re wondering why companies that utilize design thinking seem to be a lot more successful than those who don’t, here are a few reasons why.


It Focuses on the End User

When you are able to incorporate design thinking into your business strategy, you find that it solves problems by putting end users at the center of the process. People are put first, either as part of an organization or as customers, and an objective is tailored to their needs, behaviors, and problems.


The entire process, more of a tool than a way of thinking, is human-centered. It puts people at the center of the entire process in order to develop useful solutions and products. Design thinking really strives to improve experiences, lives, and make interactions more fulfilling.


It Uses Collective Wisdom

There are people in your company with expertise in different areas. Design thinking brings them together to create a cohesive approach to a problem. This harkens back to the idea of thinking outside the box to solve problems. Stepping out of your expertise bubble can really help everyone to approach issues from a new perspective and in doing so, create new and more innovative solutions.


It Engages Empathy

Design thinking puts you in the shoes of another person as you seek to identify and understand the challenges or needs of people or the users of a specific product. It helps to give you a window into their experience or the system they’re attempting to use.


It Tests and Tests Some More

You don’t sit down for a design thinking session and then move on. Oh no! One of the foundations of design thinking is to test and then test some more. When you design, test, and iterate, then you can breakthrough previously uncharted territory and create prototypes in the process. Then you can roll your ideas out and get feedback far faster than in more traditional approaches. It yields results that are sometimes unexpected but always exciting.


It Solves Problems and Creates Value

You may think that using the approach of design thinking is just another fad in the business world, but it’s not. It’s not just innovation or creativity for its own sake because it’s directed at solving problems and creating value in the process. It allows every industry, from small to large, to use specific principles to guide them as they solve problems. It works and it works fairly quickly to deliver real results.


Design thinking is changing the business landscape. It challenges you and helps you to create better products and services along the way. Now you don’t have to wonder why businesses that utilize design thinking of so darn successful.

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