Keeping it fresh since 1991

Since 1991, Pretzelmaker has been rolling out freshly-baked and handcrafted pretzels – with a twist! The Pretzel Dog? Pretzel Bites? Both are Pretzelmaker claims to innovative fame!


At Pretzelmaker, they promise to serve the absolute freshest ingredients. Their hot pretzels are made from scratch with whole ingredients, and customers can witness their teams rolling pretzels in all of their stores every day.


Develop a social media campaign that increased Facebook fans from 11,000 to 15,000 within a two month time period.


Implementation of a new campaign named “The Top Dog Challenge”. Pretzelmaker offered a $1 Off coupon to every person who liked their page as well as registered on their site. Once their Facebook Fan total reached 15,000 fans, Pretzelmaker agreed to give the Free Pretzel Dog Coupon to each person who had registered.


We began by creating a custom-designed and interactive Facebook fan page tab to generate traffic. We scheduled engaging call-to-action posts,  based on the optimal days of the week and times of day, to gain the most reach and engagement from their target audience.


We were able to increase Pretzelmaker’s fans from 11,177 to 18,132, an increase of 6,955 fans in just a month’s time, thirty days before the promised delivery.

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