Agile processes, Paradigms

and Spaceships

Agile processes, Paradigms and Spaceships

The Future of UX

Design thinking has had a large impact in product development over the past couple of decades. The function of the designer has transformed in that time, changing the way companies think about software development.


The changes aren’t going to stop. UX design’s future will be at the mercy of emerging technologies and trends over the coming years. Here are a few to be on the lookout for!


Artificial Intelligence

Ai technology is a phenomenon – and it can’t be stopped! It will have a huge impact on UX design since interfaces in the future probably won’t be designed by humans, but by software. There are a couple of reasons for this. They are:


Interaction design perfection – Once designers have found the optimal way for a user to interact with a feature, there’s not need to make changes to it in future design iterations. The body of knowledge around user testing will become universal, helping designers to understand what’s best in different cases. The paradigm for this interaction only needs to change if the user’s context changes. Intelligent computers are capable of self-learning, so software interfaces will have the ability to be generated on the fly in order to make users interactions optimal.


Personality responsive design – The heart of several digital strategies already revolves around personalization, but AI will take personalization to a whole other level. The digital product or services will be automatically created to accommodate the user’s specific dispositions, tastes, and age – among other things. So, the questions will shift from what the user needs or wants to what kind of relationship the company wants to have with the user.


Interface Concepts are Changing

AI is increasingly driving communication between businesses and consumers. So it stands to reason over time that the concept of an interface will go away. This shift is being driven by a few different things:


  • Augmented reality and virtual reality – AR and VR design are increasing important to UX design, changing how cars, medical equipment and airplanes are produced. Even architecture and interior design are seeing a transformation by incorporating these technologies.


  • 3-D printing – 3-D printing and manufacturing are on the cusp of a pretty major shift. Manufacturing processes won’t be restricted by the scale that has driven design in the past. 3-D printing will allow customized design and will be more cost effective.


  • Material – Material innovations aren’t new, but advances in this area will continue to transform the world in pretty  major ways. Advancements in material technology shape how tech is embedded to better serve users and create better experiences. This will change the current ideas about how technology best serves us and the role of security and privacy in an invisible environment.


The Physical World is Changing

The physical world is changing rapidly – nearly as fast as the digital one. Things are making their way into the lives of everyday people that is changing the model of how people connect with the digital world. The things creeping into our lives offer new paradigms for interaction, design, and manufacturing that many people have not yet considered. These new things are invisible to human senses, but can be perpetually on. But how should we interact with them and how should these things be designed in the future? The questions keep coming. One thing is certain, however – personalization is bound to become as much of a physical reality as it is a digital one.


The future of UX technology is UX as a product. How you articulate the narrative of your brand will be one of the most important things you can do to attract new customers and keep them. Managing this will require long-term thinking and design skills, especially as AI takes over digital communication.

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Agile processes, Paradigms

and Spaceships